We Help Training Gym Owners Create Better Systems, Create More Freedom, and Earn More Money

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We Teach Your Real Strategies and Tactics You Can Use in Your Training Business

We use our experience of growing from a two car garage gym into a 7 figure, multiple facility training business. We want to teach you step by step how you can create better systems, create more freedom, have a bigger impact, and earn more money.

Proven Step by Step Principles + Systems
For Your Training Business

Transparency, Honesty, and Our Core Values are Key

We have been in your shoes. This is why our core values, Leading from the Front, Accountability, Transparency and Results Driven are at the forefront of our company.

We Teach You How to Build a Real Business (in person or online)

We’re teaching you how to build a business that can support you, retire you, and enable you to live the life that you desire.

We Don’t Teach Business, We Live Business

We have a combined 75,000 hours of experience in the private sector sports performance and fitness industry and counting!

How You Can Work With Us Today

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In this free 3 step video sequence we teach you how to create the foundation for a success and profitable training business. We teach: Operational, Selling/Marketing, and Training Systems

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We teach you step by step principles, systems, and proven strategies that we are using real time in our training business. 

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We’ve helped over 25 gyms globally generate over 2 million dollars in revenue in the last 2 years alone. We show you step by step how to revamp your training business for long-term success. 

Our Proven Process


Identify What Stage of Business You’re In

Are you a new coach or manager?

Are you a one man show LLC?

Is your business a small training facility and team?

Are you running a large gym?

Is your gym looking to make 7 figures?


Schedule a Free Strategy Call

Schedule a Free Strategy Call with our team

Let’s identify the problems in your business

We’ll discover what course of
action is best for you and
your business

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Decide How We Can Best Service You

VH Education Virtual
Education Platform
(independent coaches/managers)

Business Coaching

1x Strategy Call

3 month Targeted Coaching

Strongest Year Plan

What Our Community is Saying

"Joe and Dan showed me that I didn’t have to sacrifice my training philosophy to be a viable business. They helped restructure everything on the business side of things by implementing systems, setting out a vision and how to break things down into quarters which helps you not get overwhelmed.

Basically, they provide the tools and support that you can adapt to fit your situation and if you trust in them and commit to applying what you learn, it works!

Since working with the Business of Strength, I have nearly tripled my revenue.
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Phil Mardsen
Wellness Strength
The team at Business of Strength has provided me with high level service at every touch point. They provide real solutions to problems, help you create real lasting systems in your business, and most importantly, they make the group feel like a real community.
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Chris Brainard
APE Fitness
"Where do I begin? The BOS team has helped me create real change in my business. They provide much more than basic strategies and tactics. They help create real change to the infrastructure of my business that has allowed us to scale. I have gotten so much time back on my plate to move the needle forward. I can't thank them enough. Three years strong! "
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Charlene Richardson
ANCHOR life + fitness

Learn How to Get Your Training Business Work for You

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Learn step by step in three 5 minute video presentations how to create the foundation for a successful and profitable training business with our free 3 Series Video Presentation. 

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