EP 3: Marketing Your Gym – Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

In this episode Dan and Joe discuss their favorite tactics for driving traffic to your gym. It might surprise you that social media is NOT on this list.

Dan and Joe will breakdown their rules to creating a marketing plan, developing a great newsletter, positioning yourself as the “go to” gym in your area, and how to ask for referrals the right way! Topics Include: • 5 rules for simple marketing • Why social media is NOT in our top 3. • How to craft a great Newsletter • Being the community leader • Specific marketing strategies that are used every day at VH • Asking for referrals the right way • Referral strategies Attend a Business of Strength Mentorship: http://www.strengthentrepreneurs.com

Connect with Joe & Dan http://www.instagram.com/coachjoestrong http://www.instagram.com/dan_goodman78 [email protected] This episode is brought to you by Varsity House Gym a world leader in strength & conditioning. For more information on their programs go to http://www.varsityhousegym.com Thank you to everyone who listens we truly appreciate it! Please take the time to leave a FIVE STAR review.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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