EP 4: Hiring & Developing Great Employees – Business Of Strength

In this episode Dan and Joe discuss the importance of hiring and developing great employees to grow your business. They talk about the importance of having a well-defined hiring process that put the right people in the right seats as well and a consistent and thought out development plan once you hire them.

Learn how hiring the right people can help catapult your business to new levels and put time back on your plate as the business owner.

Topic Covered: • Identifying your employee needs. • Hiring the right people. • Hungry, Humble, and Smart. Hiring your core values. • The Ultimate Hiring Process. • Employee Development. How to create leaders. • Employee Reviews, salaries, and raises. • Letting someone go. Attend a Business of Strength Mentorship: http://www.strengthentrepreneurs.com

Connect with Joe & Dan http://www.instagram.com/coachjoestrong http:/www.instagram.com/dan_goodman78 [email protected] This episode is brought to you by Varsity House Gym a world leader in strength & conditioning. For more information on their programs go to http://www.varsityhousegym.com Thank you to everyone who listens we truly appreciate it! Please take the time to leave a FIVE STAR review.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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