EP 13: 40 Years of Training & Life Philosophy with Dan John and Joe Riggio

In this episode Joe had the amazing opportunity to train with and interview strength & conditioning legend Dan John. Dan John has over 40 years’ experience as a high-level athlete and coach. He is an American track & field champion (discuss) and has competed multiple times in the Highland Games. Dan John had his best year of discuss at the age of 47 years old and still competes regularly today. He attributes this to his success to a change in training philosophy that he is now known for. He is a master level Kettlebell coach, and lectures on his training philosophy all over the world. Dan John is most widely known for his writing. To date he has had several bestselling books on training. His book “Never Let Go” has been a perennial best seller for years and his new book “What Now” is currently an Amazon Best Seller.

You DO NOT want to miss this episode as it is loaded with gems ranging from training, life, and his now infamous black shirt.

Topic Include: • The importance of finishing what you start. • His early writing career and T-Nation. • How he had his best year of throwing at age 47. • Carrying implements to get super strong. • Early life as a strength coach. • The relationship between Theology, Philosophy, and Geometry. • Givens & Proofs • The training matrix that took over 40-years to develop. • Finding your Niche in the industry. • Barbell Theory of Passion. • Living a minimalist life to create freedom. • Life on a checklist. • A-Grade, B-Grade and the circle you keep. • Early education and being a Fulbright Scholar • The now “famous” garage gym workouts. • Delivering an amazing client / coaching experience.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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