7 Skills You MUST Develop in the 2021 Fitness Industry

Job Titles Are Dead.

Developing High Earning Skills That Will Build the Future You Want are in.

We live in a very narcissistic time in history. Everyone is infatuated with themselves, how they are perceived by others, and how important they are to society.

What kind of car do you drive, how much money do you make, where did you go to school, or what is your “job title”?

These are all external materialistic things that we associate our value with to impress those around us.

We work so hard to be able to “earn the right” to have that job title you want, to drive the car that screams you have money, and to KILL yourself to earn that degree from that well respected collegiate institution.

Are wanting these things wrong?

Of course not.

However, when you associate your value with these things you begin to lose sight of the bigger picture; YOUR FUTURE.

“But Adam, isn’t working hard to get those things taking control of my future?”

Not really.

You see, we have it all backwards. We are focused on labels, items, and titles.

NOT skills.

Labels put you into a preconceived class. Sure, you might be good at what you do but here’s the kicker; you’re replaceable.

There are millions of people that are working extremely hard to earn positions similar to yours. Not everyone may have graduated with the degree you have, or the amount of money that you make.

However, you need to separate yourself from the common clan.

In order to create the future you want, regardless of the industry, you have to develop a HIGH LEVEL of SKILL that will make you irreplaceable.

Take Elon Musk for example,

elon musk
7 Skills You MUST Develop in the 2021 Fitness Industry 3

You Can Read the Article in Depth Here

Degrees matter – only when they have specific objectives attached to them. Such as a doctor, lawyer, or teacher.

If you have The Fitness Entrepreneurial Spirit, you are going to have to think bigger.

The Traditional Fitness Ladder of Progression

There are plenty of skills that you can develop but chose ones that align with what you value and are naturally good at.

In the realm of sports performance, fitness, and strength and conditioning these are extremely important. Everyone values the X’s and O’s of training. This is the foundation that will separate yourself, initially.

As professionals in the field, it’s imperative that you understand that in order to succeed you must provide value. This can be done in a multitude of ways.

In the private sector, corporate, or a collegiate/professional institution there is a hierarchy that exists. In the corporate/collegiate/professional setting there is a ladder that exists as well.

professional ladder
Figure 1.1 The Corporate/Institution Professional Ladder

I understand it does not work entirely like this nor do the “job titles” fit the bill perfectly, but you get my drift. Each level has specific requirements that must be met in order to progress to the next “title”.

You must be able to excel at each requirement to progress. There are AMAZING personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches in the corporate setting. They do amazing work, therefore, they are rewarded for their efforts.

However, to what extent? The hours can be long, grueling, and monotonous – unless, you are developing High Income Skills that are EXTREMELY sought after.

The Private Sector space operates VERY differently. There are progressions but there are not guarantees. If you do not provide your business with continuous value year after year. You will NOT progress. Due to the nature of the business, there is no natural progression.

Yes, can you work hard, grind away at sessions, and be recognized as the “hardest worker in the room”? Yup.

How much LONG TERM value does that provide for your employer? Not Much.

The Private Sector is a revolving door that consists of so many moving parts it’s hard to find a steady, natural progression as you would find in a more corporate structure.

As the owner/CEO of your company you want hard working employees who are willing to buy-in to your business.

However, this is not where growth occurs.

Steve Job, an icon, once was quoted saying


He may know a thing or two.

This is EXTREMELY important in the fitness/business space. There are so many new trends happening every year that as owners we might not be aware of everything that is happening.

As a result, we are stagnant in growth.

In the Private Sector, you want to hire employees who you can groom to fit into your business model but also who demonstrate high level of skills that you know will advance your business forward.

Networking is Second

If I had a dollar for every time I asked another professional in the field, what can I do to get ahead and they replied “Networking”

I could stop working today.

Networking is an invaluable tool. In any field. Connections this, connections that – blah blah blah.

You know what’s more valuable than networking?

The High Income Skill to be able to speak articulately, develop emotional intelligence, and possess high interpersonal relationships.

I love the phrase, “I could sell Bill Gates a Macbook Pro”.

We all know that extremely smooth talker who can get himself/herself out of any situation. Gets the job they had NO business getting.

It’s not an accident, they posses a High Income Skill: Communication.

How are you going to network with someone when you have nothing to offer?

“Networking” is all about identifying someone who you believe would be of great value to you. In exchange, you identify how you could provide value to them FIRST.

For example, you may want that internship at a specific performance center. You are extremely good at video editing or copy writing for the sake of the argument.

When you reach out for an internship opportunity you send over your work and offer to do work for this company within YOUR High Income Skill Scope for free.

See how that works?

You instantly become valuable while simultaneously obtaining your objectives.

Develop your High Income Skills – then begin to network.

What Constitutes as a Skill and How Can I Maximize My Value?

Everyone is good at something. I don’t care what anybody says.

Step one in the process of what High Income Skills to develop is identifying what you feel you are uniquely good at.

Are you a good writer, copy-writer, email copy etc.?

 Are you exceptional at developing relationships and selling?

Are you creative, good at making videos etc.?

Are you an expert in baseball, football, basketball training and have extensive knowledge in injury prevention?

These are all exceptional skills that you need to capitalize on.

In the field of sports performance/strength and conditioning these skills may be more valuable than you think.

In my opinion, here are the 7 most valuable skills in the 2019 Fitness Industry

1. Reading

Reading is a skill. Prove me otherwise. The ability to read through information, absorb, process, and implement the information you are learning is invaluable. If you spend the time, you can learn and master anything. Simply through reading.

2. Coaching (Public Speaking)

No brainer. You’re in the industry and you COACH athletes. However, there is far more to it. The way in which you coach and connect with your athletes/clients is imperative. The way in which you deliver your message, the way you listen, do you get right to the point? These all factor into your ability to coach.

3. Writing (Articles, Books, Copy-writing, Email Copy)

Many believe writing is a lost art form. I would beg to differ. How do you get good at writing? You write everyday. You can take courses. I have taken 5 separate writing workshop courses in the last 3 years. It has dramatically improved my ability to write. You want to be able to connect with your audience. This will later allow you to write for major publications, send awesome emails, write great content copy for your website. 

4. Technical Skills (Video Editing, Photos, Website Optimization)

Why? Because you are in the industry where “looking cool” matters. Video and photos are prominent EVERYWHERE. If your social media looks great – you are more likely to attract people to your business. Furthermore, you are learning to do something that most businesses pay a FORTUNE FOR. Why have your company pay someone else when you can do it yourself?

5. Project Management (Organized, Detailed, Speed of Implementation)

This is dicey. This skill CAN BE taught. However, it is something that some people are just inherently better at. Like any of the skills, you are going to gravitate towards specific skills that you are good at.

6. Interpersonal Relationships

This is absolutely a skill that can be developed. There are millions of books about how to develop better relationship skills. Learning how to sell, build relationships, and lastly network are all extremely valuable in the industry. One of my favorite books is How to Talk to Anyone: 92 little tricks for big success

7. Resourcefulness

Lastly, my favorite. You can have all the skill and knowledge in the world but if you are not resourceful. You are wasting your abilities. This is a skill in the last year I have mastered. The ability to teach yourself or learn how to do anything is THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL. I taught myself how to develop a website – now it’s a skill I will have with me forever. The website is a skill in itself – learning, researching, and finding what works is also a skill. Knowing where to look, what you are looking for are all extremely important in this process.

I can show you how to choose the right High Income Skills to Develop in this FREE 6 Day Email Mini Course that will get you going on the right path towards your Online Fitness Side Hustle.

These are the ones I believe are the most valuable in the Fitness Industry.


They all provide value to yourself or your employers. Let’s say you are an intern/entry level coach. You are extremely passionate about training soccer players.

If you were to work for another business owner in the industry writing copy and doing the video editing for 3-5 years you are developing High Income Skills. You coach alongside this individual and you are MASTERING the ability to write and develop content.

Gee, what are extremely important aspects of Fitness in 2019?

  • Coaching
  • Content
  • Media
Guess What?

You’ve mastered the ability to coach athletes, write exceptional content/copy, and you can even make videos that promote you work.

Guess who’s ready to do it for real and make money on their own?

You Are.

If you guys have any questions or comments please reply below! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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