It’s Time to Stop Learning

The quest for the smartest in the room in hopes for strength and conditioning hierarchy has no bounds.

We love information.

We crave it.

We believe it makes us superior.

The uncomfortable truth: you already know 10 fold the information you need to know in order to deliver great results to your athletes, coaches, and clients.

I believe there is a point of diminishing returns in your learning.

It has the same stress response as training.

Too much training, you become fatigued, your power output is low, and you don’t have the same energy to make the adaptations you’re looking for.

The same side effects manifests themselves in the brain with your learning.

When I talk with coaches, I immediately get down to the nitty gritty. I ask them, “do you make as much as you know?”

This immediately switched their stress response system to fight. They get defensive, they begin to justify their efforts.

Is learning bad? Of course not. I’ve spent over $21,000 on education (training and business) in the last 3 years.

So what gives?

You need action. You need to be able to turn your information into income. You need to be making what you’re worth.

It’s similar to “laying the foundation” or spending too much time “planning.” I call this “working for work’s sake.” While this stuff is important, these tasks can EASILY fool you into believing you’re doing the right work when you’re really just putting off the stuff that makes you uncomfortable.

You need action. You need strategies. You need someone to tell you exactly how to turn all the awesome information you possess and turn it into paying customers who will never leave.

Action > Information.

Be completely honest with yourself. Do you feel like you know enough to make the money you deserve?

Do you feel like you can justify all the hard earned money on your education with the number that you see directly depicted to your account every two weeks?

If not, it’s time to action.

Join over 50 coaches in our curated educational platform, Varsity House Education.

We help coaches take ownership of their careers and business by providing them with the latest strategies and tactics we’ve used in our business and the careers of hundreds of other coaches.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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