EP 70: Freedom Units with Jason Gusic and Dan Goodman

Our guest today is Jason Gusic “Gus”.

Jason is head of Westside Tactical and is one of only 4 master Westside Instructors in the world. He owns a private training facility Applied Strength & Conditioning in Indiana and runs a variety of seminars and workshops designed for operator fitness.

He has had an amazing journey into fitness from being a marine to police officer to training top level MMA fighters. That training ultimately landed him at the famous Westside Barbell and tutelage of Louis Simmons.

Tougher using Westside principles they created the Westside Tactical arm.

Today Gus has many military contract and travel around the country instructing operators and coaches on how to property impairment the principles of the program.

Jason talks about stacking “Freedom Units”, the work, networks, and systems needed to create your ideal business and life.

In this episode we discuss training, creating the Westside Tactical methods, running a private gym, and the growth of Westside Tactical. Jason talks about the importance of sticking to your passion, surrounding yourself with people better than you are, and giving back to the community of strength as much as possible.

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Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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