EP 72: Train with Reign with Reinhard Nel and Joe Riggio

Todays guest is our good friend Reinhard Nel.

Reinhard tells his story starting as a young boy in South Africa playing rugby to coming to America to train at Gym Jones and starting his own personal brand.

Rein speaks about his journey and how over the years developed the principles behind is training program Treigning Day and his partnership with online platform Ladder.

Together with his co-coach Neen Williams they have created an amazing program of active adults wanting to develop more sport specific strength.

Rein talk about his time at the famous Dog Pound gym and how training private clients helped him identify his passion for helping others.

Start slow, create habits, increase over time is Rein’s guiding set of principles. He says most of the time people want to much too fast and fade off because of it.

Learn how this amazing coach created an authentic personal brand that is growing rapidly and gives him the freedom and life he wants as a husband and father.

Welcome Reinhard Nel into your airwaves today!

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Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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