Why Culture Should Be the Foundation of Your Training Business

In business, there is ONE THING that stands the test of time. This will be the determining factor of long term success.

Culture is the Community You Keep | Business of Strength Podcast. March 26th, 2021.


Culture is a HOT topic…Google it and thousands of articles, books, videos, and “experts” will appear before you.

There’s so much being made of this simple word that it can be truly overwhelming. 

Let make it as simple as we can…

Very few companies build great cultures…MOST ARE TERRIBLE.

Culture is defined by the way your employees act, and how they treat each other. That translates to how it feels when anyone else interacts with your company.

If someone was to write a book about your gym, its people, your leaders and how they communicate, what would that book say?

That’s your culture. That’s how you as a small business can define what it means to have a strong culture. 

Culture is a direct reflection of your Core Values.  It’s why when we do our Business of Strength two-day mentorship the very first thing we do is establish core values and mission.

The Business of Strength Podcast

On this episode of the Business of Strength podcast, Joe sits down with Breda Strength and Conditioning to talk about the one foundational principle that has allowed them to grow their business during a pandemic. 

You Can watch the video on YouTube above or to hear the full audio please click the following: Business of Strength Podcast.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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