EP 76: Creating a Culture That Stands the Test of Time with Jay MaxEdge and Joe Riggio

My guest today is the KING of culture Jay MaxEdge Collins. His gym MaxEdge fitness on the seacoast of New Hampshire has been consistently voted the top gym in NH.

He’ built an amazing community and culture centered around his unique and fun programming of his large group fitness. His classes are high energy and promote teamwork and community.

He does very little external marketing and in a pandemic has 300 members and waitlist to get in.

Jay and I go back nearly 8 years and he was one of our first attendees to a BOS workshop. Please follow JayMaxEdge and MaxEdge fitness you will learn a lot about how ot lead from the front every day.

Jay Max Edge Everyone!

Podcast Highlights:

  • You got to make your clients think
  • How I got 300 crazed members
  • Giving Your Clients another “social life”
  • When It became less about me things took off
  • Experience is Everything
Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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