3 Ways to Develop Your Coaching Staff

How to Develop Your Coaching Staff

Over the last quarter, we’ve been very fortunate to serve hundreds of coaches from around the world. We’ve worked with Spellman Performance in their women’s virtual internship, we’ve presented at virtual summits, and we’ve presented our own Internal Business of Strength seminar for our community. 

None of this would be possible without the development of our coaching staff first. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time creating specific roles in our business and putting the right people in these roles. 

The barrier to entry in the private sector sports performance industry is low enough. You have individuals who are “in shape” telling others who to get in shape with a weekend certification underneath their belt. 

You have coaches who have big followings providing you with information that’s not tangible. 

Lastly, you may have coaches who are extremely intelligent but have failing businesses. You would never know because it’s masked by the big followings, pro athletes, and all the people that engage with their social channels. 

This is not a slander by any means, this is a fact. 

You’re in a different stage of your career. You need to create a successful training business. Unless you have the means, resources, and infrastructure of a successful online business – you are most likely relying on your in person training. 

Which means you have a coaching staff, a rolodex of clients, teams you work and in person operating expenses. 

Sounds familiar, right? 

This means you have to serve people that are right before you and not on the “internet.” What’s the best way to build a successful online business? Do it in person for years before you begin to share what you’re doing to help more people. 

In order to give yourself more time, you must focus on building your team. Your team will be the ultimate catalyst for a successful business. 

You’re most likely wearing all the hats. 

You’re spending time on the wrong things that are moving the needle of your business forward.

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If you’re a coach who owns their own business or a manager of a team ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do I teach my staff to be as good as I am at my job? 
  • Am I the only one who can do my job? 
  • Do I empower and build up my team to enable them to grow and develop? 

If you can’t firmly answer all the questions above you have an ego problem. In this industry you’re told to spend thousands of dollars on education, build your client base, build a following, and sell your services. 

There are so many variables to this model that it doesn’t work for everyone. 

What works for everyone? 

Systems in your business, a great coaching staff, a scalable training model, a built in customer experience, and locked in finances. 

In 20 years, do you really want to be that coach with a “decent” in person business working 50+ hours a week, and still posting IG videos of your athletes doing hill sprints? 

I didn’t think so. 

You want to have a profitable business that allows you to take on bigger tasks. 

A new business, an online business, speaking, partnerships, and the likes.

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                 Watch this clip from Adam’s Talk in the BOS Virtual Seminar. 

If you want to truly grow as coach or business owner you must take a back seat to your team. Here are three basic strategies you can implement right away. 


Create concrete roles within your business 

Who does what in your business? When we talk to coaches in our BOS community group, they say the same thing “I do everything.” This is a problem. If you were to apply for a job at a fortune 500 company – you wouldn’t apply for all the jobs. There are specific roles within the business that you need to clearly identify. 

Form a team meeting schedule 

If you don’t meet with your team at least 1x a month, you’re doing a disservice to your employees. You need to all be on the page to ensure that every process within your training business is run the exact same way. 


Create a coaching development plan 

Here’s the typical model of ascension for a private sector coach: intern, part time, full time, work long hours for little pay, burnout, and switch careers. We want to be the gold standard of private sector sports performance training AND business. This includes a real career ladder, benefits, 401K’s, pay raises, more time and more personal fulfillment. The worst thing that could possibly happen to your business is not spending time developing your coaches and they stay with you for years. You want to maximize their strengths, develop their abilities, and help them help you move the business forward. 


If you feel you are in a similar position and need help developing your coaching staff, check out our free course below. We talk extensively about how to develop a world class coaching staff that will help move the needle of your business forward. 


Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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