EP 94: VH Performance Podcast E8 ACL Rehab, Skill Acquisition, and Programming with Jeremiah Flood and Adam Menner

In this episode of the VH Performance Podcast powered by Business of Strength, Adam Menner sits down with Jeremiah Flood, owner of Flood Performance LLC.

Jeremiah has extensive background in working with lower extremity injuries in athletes. This includes ACL, MCL, PCL and more. In this episode, Adam and Jeremiah breakdown the ideology behind rehabilitating lower extremity injuries in the modern sports era where individuals are playing exposes to high levels of stress year around.

Show Notes:

Jeremiah’s background

Common causes of lower extremity injuries

Outlining the rehab process

Working with PT’s and trainers

Skill acquisition and cognitive conditioning in rehab

Building a niche business

and much more!

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Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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