EP 95: Get More Referrals with Blender Bottle!

In this episode Dan Goodman breaks down an automated gifting tactic that has skyrocketed referrals.

If you’re like most service-based businesses that rely on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals this is a must listen. This episode breaks down how our client on board strategy can be scaled to any gym business.

To make it even better this show is brought to you by our friends at Blender Bottle. All listeners can enjoy 15% of their order using CODE: Varsity15

Discounted link: www.blenderbottle.com/discount/VARSITY15

For anyone interested in coming to spend the day learning from our crew and special guest host Zach Even Esh we will be hosting a 1-day Business of Strength event on January 29th from 11am-5pm.

To register for the event, click here: www.businessofstrength.com/january

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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