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Hey Gang,

What a week! I just had! Dan, Trevor, and I just got back from a week overseas in Scotland!

Not only is it the country from one of my favorite movie hero’s William Wallace in Braveheart, but it is literally one of the oldest most beautiful countries in the world; rich in tradition and history.

The Castles, Mountains, 500-year-old pubs…and whiskey are amazing!

We were there to deliver our Business of Strength two-day mentorship at another amazing gym, Every Day Athlete & Fight Camp. This gym has an amazing community. Two of the owners were WORLD CHAMPION Muay Thai fighters, and the third is a world-class strength & conditioning coach.

They have turned their years of dedication, and training for the world stage into helping others become the best version of themselves through fitness and Muay Thai.

What an opportunity for us to see how they run their operation!

You see, even though we were there to teach the systems that has made Varsity House a world class brand, we learned so much from them as well.

Like, OUR COFFEE GAME IS WEAK!!! Everyone at EDA takes their coffee seriously and they have an amazing café and coffee bar forcing us to think it might be time to level up at TeamVH.

They also have an amazing youth program that incorporates fitness and Muay Thai for kids starting as young as six! You should have seen some of these kids kicking and punching…I’m wouldn’t mess with anyone at this gym!

Part of the reason why we travel to other places around the world is because…We like to travel! There’s nothing like the experience of traveling to another place.

Every time we do we increase the network of coaches and gym owners we communicate with from around the world. People who are doing it big! Doing many things different then we are. Doing many things better than we are.

By connecting with others, we create a tribe of gym friends. Those friends just happen to be world class strength coaches, entrepreneurs, and

businessmen. People who can help grow your business and ability. People who force us to stay at the forefront of training and business development.

Every time we have gone to a seminar, a workshop, another gym, or just traveled to some new location we have always brought back some new idea or perspective.

Traveling and getting out of your comfort zone is were real creative thought and growth occur. Growth can be stifled for many gym owners who are trapped in their box every day.

In fact, we had three last minute cancelations from people who were to attend our mentorship but could not get coverage for their sessions for two days! Such a shame. Further proof they need better systems and leadership to help level up.

Many see travel as an expense but we see it as a way to WAKE UP the mind and open the soul to a greater state of consciousness. Many times, it’s freeing yourself from the confines of your normal routine that allows the “deep” creative areas of your brain to open up.

Combine that with surrounding yourself with a group of positive, motivated, talented, like-minded individuals and the results can be damn near magical! I’m coming home inspired to say the least.

If you’re felling stuck or trapped in your gym business, tired of the routine, feeling like you’re not making the money you want or have the freedom you want, knowing that you need to make a change but don’t know how…

That’s a clear-cut sign it time to GET OUT! Time to book a clarity break. Join a tribe. Get some advice. Get some inspiration. Get the feeling of affirmation knowing you’re not alone and the only one who has gone through this.

  • Take a vacation!
  • Go to a training workshop
  • Join a business mentorship
  • Reach out to a few exposed in the industry you admire and try to connect
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