The Difference is YOU

The type of gyms we work with are box gyms who offer private, semi private, and small group PT with great coaches and community. Not big box “Globo” gyms who sell 100’s – 1000’s of memberships.

More than anything coaching is your difference maker.

It’s not equipment, not a juice bar, not fancy bathrooms…all things that are a plus but not a necessity.

And contrary to popular belief it’s not knowledge in the Xs & Os of strength training.

I’m not saying that years of college education and a variety of certifications don’t matter…they do.

But, your clients don’t care what you know. Most don’t even want to they just want to have fun.

I was super busy and well on my way to a great business when I was in a dumpy two-car garage. Why…Coaching.

The one thing that big box clubs packed with equipment and fluff can’t ever math you in, or the one thing that no info product, eBook, or video won’t ever compete…Coaching.

A great coach is a connector.

They bring out the best in people.

They help people achieve things they themselves thought impossible.

They instill accountability…


Solve Problems

Most of all they create a personal experience to give each client what they need.

These are the things that 99% of gyms can’t even touch…so focus on them.

Yes 99%. Why? Because most big box gym and fitness pros focus on hosting workouts instead of delivering results, coaching, and experience.

They reduced themselves to being nothing more than a glorified Buns & Guns group ex class at the local “Globo” Gym.

Their loss is your gain!

You can be the person or gym who helps people get real results and become the best version of themselves.

You can be the person who unlocks someone’s true potential and that is a feeling they will never forget!

You just have to be willing to actually coach.

I’ve been coaching since 1995. A LONG TIME. I’ve studied countless things to get better. Books, seminars, conference, and workshops on coaching and leadership.

I’ve learned the most by seeking out other great coaches and surrounding myself with them.

No matter the time, goal, or place, coaching is coaching.

In fact, I would say the most great gyms have a great coach, and their success is tied to that coaches ability to build relationships, inspire, motivate and educate.

Sure, I’m always trying to get better at the “tactical” component of coaching. It’s always good to add new tools to your toolbelt. However, I know that anyone can do that.

So, my competitive advantage is great coaching. Leading people toward real goals.


It’s what we do. It’s our edge.

Don’t overlook it. Hone your skill and create a huge difference between you and the rest of your competition.

That’s my plan…Try to catch me!

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