EP 155: Ignite your gym’s cash flow with Mike Lisi

On this episode of the Business of Strength Dan Goodman interviews Mike Lisi who is the founder of IGNITE Entrepreneurs. Mike’s ability to leverage client retention management, lead flow and automation has enabled him to grow and establish a multitude of profitable businesses!

Two of these businesses are successful gyms in Long Island, New York. Mike’s wealth of knowledge running gyms has transferred exceptionally well in helping other gym owners automate their gym businesses.

Talking points for the conversation:

Mike brings us up to speed on why he started a marketing agency in the first place. How his product goes against the expectations of typical agency businesses.

“An offer is only as good as its fulfillment.”

His first sticking point as a business owner and how it influenced his entrepreneurial journey.

When he gets started with a new business utilizing IGNITE services, one “party” trick that really sets fire to their cash flow.

What he is doing with IGNITE to help ensure his gym clients not only sustain but grow in what some are calling a “GymCession.”

Mike’s big goal and what he is looking to accomplish with the agency in the next 5 years.

Get in touch with Mike:
50% off your first month with IGNITE: http://Bos.ignite-entrepreneurs.com
Instagram: @mike_lisi_jr

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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