EP 157: From Intern to CEO with Mike Necsutu

From Intern to CEO with Mike Necsutu

On This episode of the Business of Strength podcast Dan Goodman is joined by The CEO of RAF Strength + Fitness, MIke Necsutu. 

On the show they discuss:

  • How Mike stepped into an internship at RAF literally by accident.

  • He explains the “intern” to CEO path and how his daily responsibilities and skill sets have evolved over the years. 

  • How being well intentioned is the critical component to success with both your work and personal life. 

  • Advice for someone that wants to make a career in fitness but isn’t sure they want to own and operate their own place. A lot of people in fitness believe the only way to make money is to open and operate their own business. 

  • The qualities in an employer you must look for in order to have a successful career. 

  • How utilizing the IGNITE Entrepreneurs platform has really accelerated the growth of RAF in the last year.  

  • Get in touch with Mike Necsutu:

    Raf Strength + Fitness Instagram: @ rafstrengthandfitness 

    Mikes Instagram: @ streetdreamsmike

    IGNITE Entrepreneurs Instgram: @ ignite.entrepreneurs 

    All Business of Strength Listeners can claim 50% off their first month utilizing IGNITE automation services.  

    Click here to claim your offer: http://Bos.ignite-entrepreneurs.com

    Adam Menner

    Adam Menner

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