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Our Story

From a 500-square-foot storage closet to two facilities and a 7-figure gym training business portfolio. In 2006, Joe Riggio started Varsity House Gym. In 2009 Dan Goodman partnered with Joe. In 2020, during the pandemic, Joe and Dan partnered with Adam Menner to build Business of Strength. Trials, failures, and tens of thousands of combined experiences allow this trio to fully understand this business and better help gym training business owners get to better place. 

Our Mission

We want to help 10,000 coaches, trainers, and gym training business owners. By helping our coaches, trainers, and business owners spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm in their pursuit of career mastery we provide an opportunity and a support system to find their ‘hook’ and develop a growing passion and life-long skill sets that will set them apart from any other gym owner.

Core Values

Authenticity – We live and breathe this code. We work on building our gym training business every single day. We put our theories to practice, document the process, and share with you the outcomes.

Accountability – Like sports, you must be held accountable every day. Tracking questions like: Are you hitting your weekly goals? Are you on track? We’re here to help hold you to a higher standard in order to reach bigger goals.

Results – We’ve helped our clients open gym training businesses, open multiple facilities, and generate over $3M in revenue in the last 4 years. The systems we put together not only work for our active gyms, but they work for all of our gym training business clients as well.

Honesty + Transparency – We’ve experienced it all. We failed before so you don’t have to, we see success so we know our method works, but most importantly, we continue to learn and grow to help you and your business grow substantially.

At Business of Strength, we pride ourselves on leading from the front and being transparent, open, and honest with our efforts. We want to show you through our passion, experience, and battle-tested systems how you can level up your career, business, life, and most importantly, find success in what you carry the most passion for…Your gym! 

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We look forward to meeting you at the event and helping your business!

Meet Our Team

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Joe Riggio

Founder and President
of Varsity House Gym

 Joe has over 25 years of experience working with both clients and businesses. Joe specializes in leadership, operational excellence, and scaling businesses quickly to help coaches find more time for the things that matter most – your life!

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Dan Goodman

Partner and CEO
of Varsity House Gym

Dan played D1 Football at URI. Dan has over 12 years of extensive experience in managing, employee development, and working with other gym owners to improve their sales and marketing systems.

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Adam Menner

Director of Training at VH + Partner of Business of Strength

Adam started his journey as aan intern at Varsity House Gym and made his way up to the Director of Training in 6 years. Adam has worked with thousands of individuals from youth to the NBA. Adam specializes in building high level, results driven, and profitable training models for gyms around the country. 

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