Business of Strength 2023 Virtual Seminars

We run 1 Virtual Seminar a Quarter

We Host Affordable Virtual Seminars for Private Sector Training Businesses

We present real time strategies that we are using in our business at Varsity House to help you:

…with 16 years of battle tested mistakes + proven strategies. 

Virtual 4-Day SYP Symposium: Creating Your midyear Action Plan + Guest Speaker Joe DeFranco

May 1st – 4th
1-3pm EST

Epic Gym Owner Fails. The 10 Mistakes NOT to make as a gym

August 9th
1-3pm EST

Virtual 4th Q Drill Getting More From Less + Employee Development Workshop.

October 18th


Welcome to The Business of Strength Spring Symposium. Time to do some SPRING CLEANING and get your gym business optimized and running full steam.



This will be 4-days of jammed packed learning and actionable takeaways you can use in your gyms right away. Get your pen and paper ready because you are going to walk away with enough info to fill a room.
Taking a combined experience of over 50 years in the gym industry you will accelerate your gym business growth and gain valuable insight from some of the top leaders in strength.
Don’t miss out on this once and a lifetime CHEAT CODE to success.

Day 1 – KEYNOTE Kick Off “5 Hard Learned Business Lessons & How He Got NFL and WWE Superstars to Train at a Dingy Warehouse Gym in NJ.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one the TOP influencers in our industry. 

Speaker: Joe DeFranco.  Industry legend, strength guru, and warehouse gym pioneer.

Joe is going to blow the doors off this event with this talk as he takes you on a journey of how he created one of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry.  

Key Topics: 

  • What makes DeFranco’s gym great? 
  • 5-Hard Learned Lessons…If I could go back and talk to a young Joe D
  • Why NFL & WWE superstars were clamoring to train in a dingy warehouse gym in NJ. 
  • How you can create a brand the attracts

Day 2 – Masterful Marketing “Not Slow NO More”

Speaker: Joe Riggio Founder & Co-Owner of Varsity House Gym.  

Joe will show you how to create an airtight marketing plan catering to both athletes and gen-pop to turn the SLOW months into a huge advantage in your local community.  

Key Topics:

  • Build your summer marketing plan 
  • How to generate 10s of thousands in athlete training. 
  • Building future money in your adult community
  • Turning your slowest months into your busiest 

Day 3 – Intern to Allstar. How to develop and lead great employees from within.

Speaker: Adam Menner – Director of Training at Varsity House Gym

Adam will take you through the VH internship and employee development process so you can maximize the one area of your business with the greatest ROI…your employees.  

Key Topics:

  • The KEY components to a great internship program 
  • On the job training…The job that never ends 
  • Employee communication that drives action 
  • Maximizing your ROI per coach 


Day 4 – How NOT to Lose Money in Your Gym

Speaker: Dan Goodman – CEO | Co-Owner Varsity House Gym 

Dan is going to show you how to look at money in your business from another level and show you the most common way gyms are losing money so you can tighten up your financials and bank accounts.

Key Topics:

  • The biggest money mistakes we made early on 
  • What NOT to do
  • How to follow the cash flow right to the bank  
  • 5-Money Moves to Action RIGHT NOW to earn BIG

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