Are You Good at What You Do?

Selling is an artform. A mental mind-game. It is connecting people with an emotion that makes them believe you’re the best solution for them. Most

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The Art of Selling

Selling is Helping The issue coaches face is that oftentimes they can’t bring themselves to charge for their time. Training is a hobby turned profession

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An Opportunity For You!

December 8th & 9th
At Varsity House Gym
337 Blaisdell Rd, Orangeburg, NY

We Will Teach You: 
1. The finances necessary to run your business

2. A profitable training model + service 

3. Marketing + Sales Systems 

4. How to develop your coaches 

Learn from those who are actually still in it running their business every day that has been used to grow Varsity House to a 7 Figure Gym.

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