Business of Strength Presents:

The Garage Gym Gang. Start Up to Success Story.

Featuring Zach Even Esh

Live One-Day Workshop to Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Gym

February 19 from 11am to 5pm

Hosted at Varsity House Gym in Orangeburg NY

337 Blaisdell Road Orangeburg NY 10962

Don't Get Overwhelmed by Business BURN OUT

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Featuring Zach Even Esh

Z Spartan12

Zach Even Esh

One of the original Godfathers of the garage gym movement and world-class fitness entrepreneur. Zach combines 25 years of “In-The-Trenches” experience building his business from the ground up to create one of the most recognized brands in the
He’ll teach you his “Part Time Effort to Fulltime Pay” secrets to running a low overhead easy to manage gym business that pays you well and gives you the freedom you deserve.
Don’t miss on this opportunity to learn from over 50 years of combined experience and two of the most iconic brands in the industry.
So, sign up today for this amazing one-day seminar and jumpstart your growth for 2022.

Growing Your Gym Should Not Be Hard

Without developing the business skills to go along with your training X’s & O’s it’s going to cost you…

You don’t have to grow your gym alone. Join The Business of Strength and get everything you need to turn your passion for strength into a profession you love!

You’ll actually learn how a great business works and make yours grow.

How to Get Started:


Attend a Workshop


Develop Your Gyms Success Plan


Start Growing Your Gym Today!

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What Our Community is Saying

The team at Business of Strength has provided me with high level service at every touch point. They provide real solutions to problems, help you create real lasting systems in your business, and most importantly, they make the group feel like a real community.

Chris Brainard
APE Fitness
"Where do I begin? The BOS team has helped me create real change in my business. They provide much more than basic strategies and tactics. They help create real change to the infrastructure of my business that has allowed us to scale. I have gotten so much time back on my plate to move the needle forward. I can't thank them enough. Three years strong! "

Charlene Richardson
ANCHOR life + fitness
"Joe and Dan showed me that I didn’t have to sacrifice my training philosophy to be a viable business. They helped restructure everything on the business side of things by implementing systems, setting out a vision and how to break things down into quarters which helps you not get overwhelmed. Basically, they provide the tools and support that you can adapt to fit your situation and if you trust in them and commit to applying what you learn, it works!
Since working with the Business of Strength, I have nearly tripled my revenue.

Phil Mardsen
Wellness Strength
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Learning Objetives

1. Develop a Clear Vision for Growth.

Develop a clear set of principles and goals to guide your business and team.

2. Improve Your Personal Productivity.

Learn how to get the most out of your time by implementing proven productivity tactics to your entire team.

3. Create a Great Employee Development Plan.

Employees are your number 1 asset. Learn a proven system for developing employees from “Interns to All-Stars” in a fraction of the time.

4. Learn Marketing Strategies the get Consistent Leads.

Great marketing gives your business rocket fuel. Learn sound principles used by some of the most successful companies in the world and translate them to your gym business.

5. Learn How to Sell and Automate Your Sales Process

Selling is a skill. Hone your technique with live sales training & hotseats where you will engage with other members of the group.

6. Learn to Deliver World-Class Service.

Clients join for their own reasons, but they stay and refer their friends because you make them feel special. Learn a proven system for delivering industry best customer service

7. Implement a Scalable Training System That’s Highly Profitable

To scale your gym, you need a structured training system that works for you. Learn how to implement a highly profitable model to maximize ROI on every hour.

8. Build Your Network with Other High-Performance Gym Owners

Learn and share experiences with other like-minded high performing gym owners from around the world. You are NOT alone!

Common Issues Gym Owner Face:

1. I’m Not Getting Enough Clients!

This is most often the result of poor messaging and inconsistent marketing. You must learn sound marketing principles not just posting on social media.

2. I’m Doing Everything!

If you’re trapped inside your business and have no time to work on your business, it’s impossible to grow. You must learn how to develop a team, delegate, and lead them toward your goals.

3. My Employees Just Don’t Get It!

Systems, Systems, Systems. If you feel as though you always have to jump in to help it’s because there is not defined system that can be taught, measured, and evaluated. Only then will you and your team have the clarity to grow.

4. I’m Not Making the Kind of Money I deserve!

Other than marketing, this is often the result of poor financial management. Learning how a business works and where your money is going is critical to success.

5. I’m Burnt Out and Don’t know if This is a Real Career!

Burnout comes from many things but the most common is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. You need clarity on goals, a plan to develop employees, and techniques to improve your own personal productivity so you are only focused on the things that make your gym grow.

We know how hard it is to run a great business. We have been in your shoes, and still own and run multiple gyms.

You deserve to have the business of your dreams, make more money, and have the personal freedom to spend time with your loved ones.
The Business of Strength will be your guide!

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Joe Riggio


Founder Varsity House + Business of Strength

Hi! My name is Joe Riggio, over the past 25 years I’ve learned through trial and error how to turn your passion for training into a real company.

At Business of Strength, we teach coaches from around the world how to build systems, coaches, marketing, and sales that will enable you to find financial freedom.

We teach real, in time strategies, that we are using in our business EVERY day.

We look forward to serving you and your business.


Partner in Business of Strength, founder of VH Education

An educational platform for coaches and trainers, Adam enjoys helping coaches create successful careers by teaching sports performance and career strategy.

Adam’s work has been featured in NY Times, NBC News, Men’s Health and others.

May or may not bust a move or two on you if you’re not careful!

Screen Shot 2021 04 05 at 2.55.21 PM
Dan Head Pic


Partner and CEO of Varsity House Gym

Dan played D1 Football at URI. Dan has over 12 years of extensive experience in managing, employee development, and working with other gym owners to improve their sales and marketing systems.

Business of Strength Presents:

The Garage Gym Gang. Start Up to Success Story.

Featuring Zach Even Esh

Live One-Day Workshop to Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Gym

February 19 from 11am to 5pm

Hosted at Varsity House Gym in Orangeburg NY

337 Blaisdell Road Orangeburg NY 10962


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