EP 9: Quit Your Job & Travel The World! – Jane Erbacher, Joe Riggio, and Dan Goodman

In this episode Joe and Dan interview their good friend and fitness superstar, Jane Erbacher. Less than 3 years ago, Jane was running her own gym, training clients and running herself into the ground. To her own admission, her personal fitness and life were taking a back seat to the business. Fast forward to now, and she has just wrapped up a world tour with her hugely successful Project Ski/Project Row and has gone in a completely different direction. Now she has her eyes on building her lifestyle and fitness brand, helping thousands of people find their perfect version of fitness and happiness.

Topics Include:

What life was like 3 years ago.
How she turned a failed partnership and business into a long term win.
Her own personal fitness transformation.
How Project Row and Project Ski came to fruition.
Her new Peanut Butter Podcast.
What the future holds.

Connect with Jane: http://www.JaneErbacher.com

Sign-Up for a Business Of Strength mentorship: http://www.strengthentrepreneurs.com

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Adam Menner

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