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We teach in REAL TIME the training principles, training systems, and business strategies we're using in our business every day.

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How We Can Help You

We’re Better Than Traditional Degrees, Certifications, and Courses Because:

We created an entire company based on your needs, goals, and wants as a coach and business owner in the private sector industry.

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The VH Education Club was designed to give coaches a more efficient and more modern curriculum & community to help coaches and business owners use real tangible information in their training and business. 

We teach our coaches step by step the systems and strategies that we use daily and weekly in our business. 

Our students learn strategies that have been BATTLE TESTED and PROVEN to be successful in not only ours but over 100 coaches and their businesses.

What You Get with Varsity House Education

Monthly Performance Training & Career Development Courses

Every month we release two courses:
1 Training Course
1 Business Strategy Course

Done for You Systems for Both Yourself and Business

Training Manuals
Training Systems, Templates, Videos, and Exercise Indexes
Marketing and Sales Templates
Coaching Development Systems

Coaches Community Group

We hold our community accountable. We have a private coaches community slack channel, 1x a month town hall live meeting, and 24/7 access to our team.

1 Free Pass to ANY VH Seminar + UNLIMITED Paid Referals

We believe in the strength of our BOS Community. We want to reward those who believe in helping us helping more coaches like you. We offer UNLIMITED referral payouts for every coach or business you recommend.

What You Really Get

We Provide You with Every Tool You’ll Need So You Can…


Direction, Accountability, and Action.

  • Live Coaches Calls + Presentations 
  • Private Coaches Slack Group 
  • 24/7 Access to the BOS Team

Become Recognized as a World Leader in Sports Performance

  • Proven Training Principles
  • 100+ Video Lectures 
  • Real Time Data 
  • Video Exercise Library, Templates, and More! 

Increase Your Personal & Business Earnings Potential

  • Proven Business Strategies 
  • Marketing + Sales Systems 
  • Client Acquisition Models 
  • Client Life Cycles 
  • and More! 
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Create the Financial Freedom For Yourself

  • How to Delegate and Elevate Your Roles 
  • How to Build Sustainable Systems for Your Employees 
  • How to Create Systems That Run Your Business When You’re Not There! 

Example of Courses, Materials & Clips

VHE Page Example Course 6 Figure Sales 1
Stress, Recovery, and Creating Change. Understanding how the principles of neurology, emotional environments, stress, and creating change through cultural support systems is the KEY to success in the private sector sports performance industry. 
VHE Page Example Course 6 Figure Sales 1 1 1
Learn exactly step by step how we built a 7 figure private sector sports performance business with these proven product development methods, pricing, marketing, and sales system that requires ZERO marketing dollars. 
VHE Page Example Course 6 Figure Sales
The VH Health and Performance Model is based on a 2.5 year study in which every athlete improved by 8.4% every s13 weeks. Learn the exact principles, training systems, and strategies we utilized in our flagship training course, The VH Health and Performance Model. 
Goal Settings
You have a desired outcome of where you want to be. However, we teach you how to reverse engineer the process, create the metrics, and execute on your business goals for long term success. 

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Learn step by step in three 5 minute video presentations how to create the foundation for a successful and profitable training business with our free 3 Series Video Presentation. 

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