EP 2: Creating A Vision For Success with Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

In this episode Joe and Dan will teach you how they created a clear vision plan that improved productivity and lead to a direct increase in revenue. Learn the components of creating your vision/traction organizers and the importance of your advisory board. Start running your business and stop letting it run you!

Topic Include:

• Setting both business & personal objectives

• Crating Your Vision so other people can see it and understand it

• Components of a great Vision Plan

• Identifying your needs

• Creating Solutions

• Delegating work

• Creating your Advisory Board

• How the Advisory Board has reshaped Varsity House

• Examples of the effect of VTO and the Advisory Board.

Attend a Business of Strength Mentorship: http://www.strengthentrepreneurs.com Connect with Joe & Dan

http://www.instagram.com/coachjoestrong http://www.instagram.com/dan_goodman78

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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