EP 152: Devin Gage – Opening 100 gyms in 10 years requires a GIANT SET and some SAVVY BUSINESS

What is up everyone, I’m your host Coach Joe Strong here to bring you another great episode of the Business of Strength podcast.  Where you can hear the interviews, tips, and tools to turn your passion for strength into a profitable business.  

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In this episode I’m chatting with my brother Devin Gage. Devin has been a friend for years and had a super successful gym.  One day he decided to scale…and scale big.  Now he’s on track to open 100 gyms across the country.  

…and I KNOW he’ll do it!  

Some topics include…

  • What needs to happen in gym #1 in order to scale 
  • The mindset required for scale
  • The “Ideal” model 
  • How he’s changing the game and offering real careers 
  • His hiring process 
  • His launch process 
  • Kizen Mentality
  • The Little Gym Big Heart Podcast 
  • A LIFE offer to his team

The best place to check Devin out is his Instagram @littlegym_bigheart

Let’s get it dialed in!  This is the Business of Strength 

Coach Joe

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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