EP 151: Joe Hashey… How to build, automate, and sell your gym…So You can do cool Stuff!

What is up everyone I’m your host coach joe strong here to bring you another great episode of the business of strength podcast.  Where you can hear the interviews, tips, and tools to turn your passion for strength into a profitable business.  

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In this episode I’m chatting with super businessman and one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met Joe Hashey.  

Joe has always seemed to be one step ahead of the curve when it comes to running his business.  When the industry zigged he zagged… He created a super profitable brand, scaled it and moved to Colorado where he ran the gym remote for about 4 years and recently sold it to a long-time employee.  

Joe is also one BAD ASS Mother F-er who LOVES doing hard stuff like hiking 100 miles, or egging on friends to do a little easy hike called the manitou incline! 

Some topics include…

  • How he went from schoolteacher to gym owner 
  • Scaling your business and your team 
  • The idea of “constant gentile pressure”
  • How doing hard physical things translates to better business 
  • What’s worked What’s not 
  • How he ran his gym from 1800 miles away 
  • How customer service and community relations became his thing 
  • His NO COST marketing tactics
  • How to run lean 
  • Finding Joe Hashey 2.0 in the mountains of Colorado.  

The best place to check Joe out is his Instagram @jhashey1 or his Family Strong Co @officialstrongfamilyco 

Let’s get it dialed in!  

Coach Joe

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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