EP 150: Super Hero Customer Service with Hank Ebeling

On this episode of the Business of Strength Podcast Dan Goodman is joined by Hank Ebeling. Hank is a customer service specialist who is a published author, speaker,  and owner of two H4Training gyms just outside of Chicago. 

Hank breaks down how working at a fancy hotel in Vegas put him on the path towards providing exceptional service.

How he differentiated himself at a big box gym that eventually led him to owning and operating two of his own gyms. 

The surprise and delight effect for small businesses and how it improves client retention.

He breaks down a messaging sequence that any coach can accommodate in order to better connect with their customers. 

Lastly he finishes with advice on where he sees the industry going in the next five years and where people need to remain focused in order to not only sustain but thrive in the fitness industry!

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Crushing the Competition with Service book

Superhero Service, Super Profits Course

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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