EP 12: Front Desk Overhaul – Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

In this episode Joe and Dan discuss who to turn your front deck into much more than just a check-in station! The guys will show you how they went from no front desk at all to making it the epicenter of the gym. They will show you how to streamline your processes and create a revenue generating profit center that not only makes money but serves as the go to customer service counter for your gym. The front desk is the beginning and end in every clients training session, you better make sure it’s representing your gym the right way.

Topic Include:
• Do you need a front desk?
• What are some of the duties you can off load to the front desk?
• Turning the front desk into a profit center?
• The front desk as your customer service and client experience epicenter.
• Getting started. What to do first.

Attend a Business of Strength Mentorship at Varsity House Gym:
• www.strengthentrepreneurs.com

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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