EP 23: Bert Sorin (Sorinex) with Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

Bert Sorin of Sorinex Exercise Equipment calls in to speak with Joe & Dan. Bert is the president and co-owner of Sorinex Strength equipment, one of the top strength equipment companies in the world. Bert talks about the humble beginnings of Sorinex when his father Rich Sorin started welding equipment in their garage. How they overcame adversity and sacrificed everything to grow their company. We talk about how their sole mission of surrounding themselves with extradentary people and having extradentary experiences has been the driving force behind Sorinex’s success. Bert talks about his time as a world-class Track & Field Athlete and the connections he made that helped forge the future of Sorinex. Bert Sorin and Sorinex are great examples of a family who turned their passion for strength & conditioning in to a real business.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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