EP 26: Shaping The Arrow (The Garage Gym) with Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

Most people show up to work tired, stressed, and unable to “find” great help. Typically, in situations like this it has nothing to do with the staff or team, but instead with the limits placed upon oneself. It’s the inability to translate one’s vision into a reality.

One of the best leaders I’ve come to know, shaped his prowess for management by being the head of a SWAT team in Ontario, Canada for nearly a decade. Room for error was not an option when kicking in the door in a hostile situation. Tunnel vision at the task at hand was the only factor which could ensure the safety of all his team members. Luckily for us Tony Smith sat in our latest installment of the Business of Strength podcast to discuss some of the tactics that continue to make him such an effective leader.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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