EP 88: Building Business Agility with Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

In this episode, Joe and Dan talk about becoming more agile as a company. An agile business will help you avoid, absorb, and accelerate through change. Companies that are fixed in their ways and close minded to change and opportunity will have a tougher time in the ever-changing landscape of the fitness industry.

​When talking with training business owners, I always ask, do you have business agility?


Business Agility is having the systems, people, and leadership to AVOID, ABSORB, ACCELERATE your gym business during a crisis or when a change in the way we do business as an industry occurs.

​Here are 4 boxes your business should check in order to grow DESPITE circumstances

  1. Mindset – Open to change
  2. Systems – Is there a clean WAY of doing things
  3. People – Right people bought into the mission and brand (loyal)
  4. Cash Flow – When the money runs out there is no business

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Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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