EP 107: How to Build a Business That Makes a Difference with Sean Lakes and Joe Riggio

I’m PUMPED about today’s guest…. Sean Lake is the Co-Founder and CEO of BUBS Naturals a holistic supplement company producing the BEST collagen in the world among a line of emerging products like MCT OIL, Coffee creamers and Apple Cider Vinegar Crews all designed to help you DIE YOUNG AS LATE AS POSSIBLE.

The company is named after Sean’s childhood best friend Glenn BUBS Doherty, one of the special force’s operators killed in Benghazi…You may have seen the Movie 13 hours.

You are going to love the GEMS Sean drops about his entrepreneurial journey, bringing his company to life, honoring BUBS life and mission through their charity, and his leadership and hiring tactics.

This is an awesome company with a great mission and an amazing group of people behind it.


Show Highlights:

  • How dropping out of school to be a pro skier and snowboarder led to the entrepreneurial bug.
  • Have a Navy Seal as your best friend.
  • Turning Glenn’s tragic death into a mission to help others
  • Taking idea to inception
  • Not compromising on excellent
  • The Die Young as Late as Possible Montra BUBS lives by
  • The Glenn Doherty Foundation
  • tactics for being a great leader
  • What makes a great employee
  • Sean’s productivity hacks
  • Books you need to read to create the spark

If you are a gym owner, head coach, CEO, or you are thinking about opening a gym soon. We will teach you how to build a low overhead business that turns massive profit!

To sign up for the next seminar or schedule a free strategy call go to www.Busienssofstrength.com today!

Stay Strong Gym Owners! This is the business of strength!

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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