EP 14: The World Of Sports Marketing with Mike Gallucci and Dan Goodman

A Window Into The World Of Sports Marketing With Mike Gallucci In this episode Joe and Dan speak to marketing expert and founding member of Sportsmemorabilia.com, Mike Gallucci. Mike is a local NJ guy who started from the ground up with the small on-line start up. Mike sheds light on how he took a small online operation to a global brand. He takes us along the ride from initial “start-up” to eventually being purchased by a billion-dollar brand! Get insight on how he turned his passion for sports into his profession. Topics Include: • Today’s marketing landscape • Marketing tips for small businesses • Getting a start-up purchased • His passion for business development • How he turned an internship into a career • How SEO and Organic Search works • Exclusive Partnering with Pro Athletes • The life and mind of a cereal entrepreneur Connect with Mike • http://www.sportsmemorabilia.com • http://www.Instagram.com/mgallucci This episode is brought to you by Varsity House Gym a world leader in strength & conditioning.

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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