EP 73: Noel & Sanne Brand – Culture is the Community You Keep with Joe Riggio and Dan Goodman

Our quest today is Noel and Sanne Brad the dynamic duo behind Breda Strength & Conditioning one of the top training centers in all of Europe.

Noel and Sanne talk about their new flagship gym in Breda Netherlands and how they scaled and grew in the mists of a pandemic.

They speak about the ONE THING “culture” as the standard for excellence. They set the bar for expectations and deliver.

That mindset has allowed their community to thrive in a time when many gyms are going out of business.

Noel outlines his military background and the creation of his Defense Systems Training program helping military operators prepare for selection.

Sanne details her Strong Woman program that empowers all aspects of life from training and nutrition to mental health and community.

This dynamic team of husband and wife business partners and coaches is setting the standard for coaching excellence as well as 5-Diamond business practice.

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Adam Menner

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