The Art of Selling

Selling is Helping

The issue coaches face is that oftentimes they can’t bring themselves to charge for their time. Training is a hobby turned profession for many that’s the coolest part, but we still need to make money!

If you’re unable to sell clients to work with you, you’ll never be able to help them.

In our bi-weekly team meetings, we often preach to our staff, “Selling is helping.” Selling is a mindset. That mindset will be iron clad with the right front end offers and systems to support your training product.

Don’t Be Afraid to Charge What You Are Worth.”

Joe and I were asked a very important question by a business coach (Pat Rigsby) at a seminar in Louisville who asked about our resistance with price increases,

“Are you good at what you do?”

After clearing my throat a few times to defend the hours, certifications, and our client’s success stories my response was,


Days later we made a long overdue change to our price sheet.

I bring this story to light as many coaches including myself bend the rules to make the price right for everyone else but themselves! The longer this goes on, the more resentment will be harbored and ultimately the worse YOUR product will become. We spend very little time worrying about the dollaramount, now it’s all about the value built into our products.

If YOU think it’s too expensive, don’t you think a client will think so as well? I’m giving you permission to raise rates and charge what you are worth, make it happen.

Ask & Affirm

Once we’ve created a positive frame of mind to sell our services – the next step is the actual “ask.”

Asking for the sale and affirming the sale are the biggest keys to ensuring a client doesn’t leave feeling as if they’ve been had.

A couple ways we do this with our adult clients is by providing the client with a brief exit meeting, along with a survey to reinforce the steps they recently covered.


✔Did you receive top notch coaching and explanation of the exercises and drills?

✔Was the communication with our nutritionist beneficial?

✔Do you feel like training has become more of a habit throughout the 30-day On-Board period?

✔ Did I clearly define the ways in which you can become a member of TeamVH?

✔Are you ready to get started?!

People are habitual and of course these are slightly loaded questions, it’s our job to affirm what they already know! Remember when we have an adult sign a membership, we send home a $25 edible arrangement and a handwritten thank you for joining the team…service they didn’t know existed!

“All Things Being Equal, People Will Do Business with, and Refer Business to, Those People They Know, Like, and Trust.”

In order to truly monetize your gym, you must understand Who You Are as a brand, What You have to offer unlike anybody else, create a system, and most importantly; understand that clients will only do business with those they know, like and trust.

I hope this helps in your endeavor in making your next $100,000. It took a lot of mistakes, trial and error on our end, so you don’t have to.

It is our goal to empower other coaches in helping make the world a better place through fitness.

Let’s get to work.

Thanks for taking the time to read, it is much appreciated!

-Dan Goodman

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