EP 126: Kyle Newell: The Panda-Man Can…

What is up everyone, I’m your host, Coach Joe Strong here to bring you another great episode of the Business of Strength Podcast, where you can hear the interviews, tips, and tools to turn your passion for strength into a profitable business.  

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In this episode I’m talking with Kyle Newell.  Kyle is a thought leader in the realm of fasting, has written several books, and coaches high performing men and women who want to unlock their true potential through fasting, what Kyle calls mind mapping, and the truth about calories.    

Kyle has personally helped me improve my nutrition, and given me a ton of insight into fasting and how one can incorporate this tool into their overall health and wellness routine.  

Some topics include…

  1. How the Panda-Man become the Panda-Man 

  2. The truth about calories in calories out 

  3. What fasting does to the body & the mind 

  4. Mindmapping 

  5. Fasting is a form of discipline and control 

  6. Losing weight with fasting 

  7. The broken nutritional system in America 

Let’s get it dialed in!  

Coach Joe 

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Adam Menner

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