EP 135: Leadership Tactics for Your Business With Dame Lillard’s Coach Phil Beckner

In this episode of the BOS Podcast, Adam Menner talks with Damian Lillard’s coach and high performance consultant Phil Beckner. 

Phil Beckner is the former coach of Weber State. Phil now runs a very successful consulting business where he works with NBA superstars and CEO’s of fortune 500 companies. 

Adam and Phil break down the comparison of coaching in sport and training when transitioning from a coach to a business owner. 

Phil breaks down: 

  • How he made the transition from coach to business owner 

  • How the best in the world think 

  • Leadership tactics for any business owner 

  • The 2 most important qualities of high performers 

  • The secrets of Dame Lillard’s success 

  • Much more! 

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Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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