EP 138: Adam’s 3 Takeaways from the SYP Retreat for Coaches

Lesson #3 Your Identity as a Coach CAN’T Be tied to Your Training Ideology

– Want to best the best

– Recognized as the best

– Produce the best

– Your inability to let go is actually keeping you from being the best

– Let go and focus on my next 2 takeaways Lesson

#2 Leadership with Coaching Coaches

– Leadership is more than teaching the best training ideologies

– Leadership is steering your coaches in what is best for the business

– Leadership is not skipping the details

– Leadership is accountability day in and day out, eye contact, clear meeting agendas the accomplish something

Lesson #1 Community Experience

– Coaching

– Accountability

– Exceeding expectation

– 5 Defense Tactics

Adam Menner

Adam Menner

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